Matt Mahaffey

Matthew Evan Mahaffey currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. There he can be found collaborating in most mediums of entertainment: Writing, acting, standup, sketch, improv, and predominately filmmaking. He is excited to be in production on a project called "The Hex: Creating a Killer" scheduled tocome out in the Fall of 2018. His other children include: Just Friends Forever, Guilty The Webseries, and Ghosted.

Previous to those these projects he has filmed dozens of live shows, photographed over 100 comedy events; acted in sketches, 2 TV pilots, and countless live shows. The man will either die with no money and a camera in his hand, or very wealthy with an expensive camera in his hand. Do some digging and clicking to find your favorites! In the mean time here are some fun facts to get to know him better:

  1. He once looked Kevin Spacey dead in the eyes, while shirtless, and said, "Lunch, huh?"
  2. Matthew has twice jumped out of a second story window after sexual intercourse. Once out of a ground level.
  3. He was born on April 1st. The day of fools. However, he was intentionally conceived.
  4. Mr. Mahaffey has no piercings, but he does have a tattoo of his zodiac symbol and a Ram (not a goat) on his shoulder. He doesn't regret it. Mostly.
  5. In highschool, Matt quit a 4-year run of varsity wrestling in order to perform in the play Damn Yankees. His coach reminds him still.
  6. His first film was titled "Fast Cars" and starred wrestling-fiction author, John Kline.
  7. The first place he performed standup was at a music open-mic night at Sean Bolan's in Bel Air. The audience told him to go F*%$ himself. He later ran a bi-weekly show at that location.
  8. He has worked at both a fecal transportation facility AND a waste water treatment facility.
  9. During the D.A.R.E. program, he told his teacher he would "probably try pot, just because it doesn't sound that bad."


The Baltimore Sun once called him, "Matt Mahaffey, (middle row, left)"

The Baltimore Sun also said he, "would like to get more into acting, maybe moving to Chicago in the next six months." Then he did. He's a man of his word.


Graduated high school with honors (printing error)

Life Scout

Judges Pick at the monthly iO Chicago Hive Film Competition

NYTVF selection