The iO Comedy Network is a place to showcase the comedic talents of the iO Theater community. Matt graduated from the iO improv program in the Fall of 2015 and has been collaborating with the iO community ever since.

"Ladies Night" stars the Chicago improv team Wet Bus. In addition to performing regular at the iO comedy club, the team also creates web content for the iO Comedy Network.

Andrew Robinson
Erin Keif
Harrison Lott
Sean Coyle
Rayna Caskey
Hailey Palmer
Waleed Mansour

Written by: Wet Bus
Directed by: Sean Coyle and Matthew Mahaffey
Filmed by: Rich Johannsen
Edited by: Matthew Mahaffey

"Therapy" was part of a monthly video submission group known as The Hive. The production for this video started in December 2015 and ended in January 2016; it was inspired by the theme of "Dreams".

Matthew Mahaffey
Spencer Kovacevich
Jesse Kendall
Mark Thomson
Diane Mahaffey
Joan Mahaffey
Helen Off

Written by: Matthew Mahaffey
Directed by: Matthew Mahaffey
Filmed by: Spencer Higginson and Matthew Mahaffey
Edited by: Matthew Mahaffey